Centre for Human Rights

Name Ms. T. Kunanayakam
Address Palais des Nations, CH-1211 Genève 10
Phone +41-22-917 12 34
Fax +41-22-917 02 14
Web http://www.unhchr.ch

Activity summary:

The Centre for Human Rights is the UN’s lead agency and focal point in the field of human rights. It provides secretariat and substantive services to UN bodies concerned with human rights; administers the programme of advisory services and technical assistance; coordinates the World Public Information Campaign on Human Rights; it assures liaise with governments, NGOs, external institutions and the media; and it is responsible for the collection, production and dissemination of human rights publications, including training manuals.
Since December 1993, the Centre has also been the office through which the High Commissioner for Human Rights works. The High Commissioner, being the principal UN official charged with promoting human rights, oversees advisory services and technical and financial assistance to both states and regional organisations, and coordinates human rights activities throughout the UN system.