United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

Name Mr. Ad de Raad
Position Executive Coordinator
Address Chemin des Anémones 11, CH-1219 Genève
Phone +41-22-917 8332
Fax +41-22-917 8065
E-mail information@unv.org
Web http://www.unv.org

Activity summary:

The United Nations Volunteers programme provides professionally qualified volunteers from all over the world to assist humanitarian and development activities in developing countries and countries in economic transition. UNV is administered under the UN Development Programme.
UNV was created in 1970 by the UN General Assembly and provides middle- and upper-level expertise in the areas of administration, engineering, economics, education, agriculture, architecture, medicine and other professional fields, as well as in environmental protection. Most volunteers work on regional and community development projects, promoting literacy, better health care and appropriate agricultural systems.