United Nations Population Fund - Liaison Office (UNPF)

Name Ms. Thoraya Obaid
Address Chemin des Anémones 13, CH-1219 Genève
Phone +41-22-979 95 72
E-mail unfpa.faqs@unfpa.org
Web http://www.unfpa.org/

Activity summary:

UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, is the world's largest international source of funding for population and reproductive health programmes. Since we began operations in 1969, the Fund has provided nearly $6 billion in assistance to developing countries.
UNFPA also helps governments in the world's poorest countries, and in other countries in need, to formulate population policies and strategies in support of sustainable development. All UNFPA-funded programmes promote women's equality. UNFPA assistance works. Since 1969, access to voluntary family planning programmes in developing countries has increased and fertility has fallen by half, from six children per woman to three.