International Monetary Fund - Geneva Office (IMF)

Name Mr. Rodrigo de Rato
Position Managing Director
Address Rue de Moillebeau 58, CH-1209 Genève
Phone +41-22-918 03 00
Fax +41-22-918 03 03

Activity summary:

The International Monetary Fund is an organisation of 181 member countries which cooperate with one another so as to create a global economic environment for improving economic well-being. The IMF constitutes a forum for discussion of domestic and international economic and financial issues. Its member nations contribute to a pool of currencies from which all may borrow for a short time to tide them over periods of difficulty in meeting their international obligations while implementing corrective policies. Through consultation and collaboration, as well as by financing members with balance of payments problems, the IMF seeks to promote the balanced growth of international trade, high levels of income and employment, and the development of the productive resources of all members.