United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Name Mr. Carlos Magariños
Position Director-General
Address Palais des Nations, CH-1211 Genève 10
Phone +41-22-917 3367
Fax +41-22-917 0059
E-mail office.geneva@unido.org
Web http://www.unido.org

Activity summary:

To promote and accelerate industrialisation in the developing countries, the United Nations general Assembly in 1966 created a body within the secretariat called the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. With the increasing awareness of the impact of industry - as a dynamic instrument of growth - on every developing nation’s attempt to achieve a better quality of life for its people, UNIDO’s role has become more crucial.
In recognition of its importance in international development, UNIDO became a specialised agency of the United Nations in 1986. As the youngest such agency, it has been given a mandate that recognises the economic realities of industrial development in today’s world. Since its establishment, UNIDO has carried out more than 11,000 technical assistance projects in 160 countries.