International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO)

Name Mr. Nawaf B. S. Al Sleibi
Position Secretary-General
Address Chemin de Surville 10-12, CH-1213 Petit-Lancy
Phone +41-22-8796969
Fax +41-22-8796979

Activity summary:

The International Civil Defence Organization is a Geneva-based intergovernmental organisation made up of 45 developing countries to promote civil defence throughout the world. ICDO brings together national civil defence authorities, and helps protect human life through the organised planning, training, prevention, preparedness and response for all emergencies, including natural disasters and man-made accidents.
ICDO promotes research in accident prevention, disaster management, technical cooperation and contingency planning in different countries; trains field personnel and disaster managers in activities such as firefighting, flood control, first aid, and earthquake studies.