League of Arab States - Geneva Office

Name Amre M. Moussa
Position Secretary-General
Address Rue du Valais 9, CH-1202 Genève
Phone +41-22-732 30 30
Fax +41-22-731 69 47
Web http://www.arableagueonline.org/arableague/index_e

Activity summary:

The League of Arab States is composed of the independent Arab states which have signed its Charter.
Any independent Arab state has the right to become a member of the League. If it desires to do so, it shall submit a request which will be deposited with the Permanent Secretariat General and submitted to the Council at the first meeting held after submission of the request.
The League has as its purpose the strengthening of the relations between the member-states, the coordination of their policies in order to achieve co-operation between them and to safeguard their independence and sovereignty; and a general concern with the affairs and interests of the Arab countries.