Baha’i International Community (BIC)

Name Ms. Diane Ala’i
Position Representative to the U.N.
Address Route des Morillons 15, CH-1218 Genčve
Phone +41-22-798 54 00
Fax +41-22-798 65 77

Activity summary:

The Bahá'i International Community is dedicated to influencing the processes towards world peace by promoting human rights, the advancement of women, global prosperity and moral development. Founded in 1844, the Bahá'i International Community has significant communities in over 200 countries and territories, of which 173 are organised as national or regional affiliates, with approximately 20,000 elected local Bahá'i councils. The organisation relates to the UN through its main office in New York, a branch office in Geneva, and representations to UN offices in Vienna, Nairobi, Bangkok, Addis Ababa, Santiago and Rome. It has consultative status with ECOSOC (since 1970) and UNICEF (since 1976) and has working relations with WHO (since 1989).