Fédération Internationale Motocycliste (FIM)

Name Mr. Guy Maitre
Position Secretary General
Address Route de Suisse 11, CH-1295 Mies/Genève
Phone +41-22-950 95 00
Fax +41-22-950 95 01
E-mail info@fim.ch
Web http://www.fim.ch/fr/

Activity summary:

The FIM was founded in 1904 in Paris under the name Fédération Internationale des Clubs Motocyclistes. In 1959 FIM headquarters were transferred from London to Geneva.
The FIM encourages motorcycling tourism and controls the motorcycling sport in its various disciplines (road racing, motocross, trial, enduro, speedway). It also organises the World and Continental Championships through its 75 affiliated national Federations over the five continents. In 1996, there were 18 World Championships, 13 Continental Championships, and 1 FIM prize. The FIM also coordinates at world level all efforts aiming at protecting the rights and interests of motorcycle users.