Foundation - a Future for Geneva

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Address Boulevard du Théâtre 6, CH-1211 Genève 11
Phone +41-22-819 91 91
Fax +41-22-819 91 90

Activity summary:

The concept of the Foundation grew out of many meetings, both chance and organised, which have been taking place for some time between people of all origins and cultures-people who represent the most diverse cross-section of the political, economic, cultural, and social fabric. The common thread binding these people together is their love for Geneva and its surroundings.
In accordance with its statutes, a Future for Geneva aims to cultivate thought and action geared towards bringing out he best of, and reinforcing the assets of, international Geneva and its role in Swiss foreign policy. To this end Geneva will draw upon all the local, national, and international components of the political. economic, social, and cultural fabric that are able to contribute to Geneva’s international role and to its renown.