International Road Federation (IRF)

Name Mr. M.W. Westerhuis
Position Director General
Address chemin de Blandonnet 2, CH-1202 Genève
Phone +41-22-306 0260
Fax +41-22-306 0270

Activity summary:

The purpose of IRF is to give back the road its rightful priority in spirit and in budgets, through an active road lobby. Its primary motivation is to promote actively the interests of its members.
To do so, it is essential to improve the image of road related industries by informing decision makers and general public how the economic and social well-being of society is dependent of the preservation and its improvement of its road patrimony. IRF encourages the development of activities directly associated with the actual construction, maintenance and equipment aspects: research, economic and ecological studies, initial and continued training, and international and intercontinental cooperation.