The Foundation for Environmental Conservation

Name Prof. Nicholas Polunin
Position President
Address Chemin Taverney 7, CH-1218 Grand-Saconnex
Phone +41-22-798 23 83
Fax +41-22-798 23 44

Activity summary:

The Foundation for Environmental Conservation was established in 1975 after some years of unofficial functioning. In collaboration with individuals and other groups it promotes environmental conservation in all its forms and as far as possible throughout the world -- mainly through publications and the organization of conferences and specialist workshops.
The Foundation promotes studies of environmental change, ecosystems, etc.; edits publications (especially the quarterly journal Environmental Conservation - now in its 23rd year and volume and published by Cambridge University Press) and paperback Environmental Challenges; prepares a World Who Is Who and Does What in Environment & Conservation; organizes conferences, notably the International Conference on Environmental Future; holds lectures, including Baer--Huxley Memorial Lectures; and awards Prizes for the Best Paper(s) published under its auspices each year.